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          HAN'S TCS is a high-quality semiconductor laser diode and system manufacturer with complete equipment and production lines from package to fiber coupling.

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          Han's TCS laser products are widely used in laser direct imaging (LDI) laser radar, laser medical beauty, laser welding, diode pumping solid state laser and fiber laser pumping source and other fields

          405nm 450nm 520nm 635nm
          793nm 808nm 878.6nm 915nm 940nm 976nm 976nm VBG diode 981nm 1064nm
          1470nm 1550nm
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          HAN'S TCS was established in 2011, located in Beijing Development Area, has been focusing on the research, development, production and sales of high-quality semiconductor laser diode module and system for more than ten years. Han’s TCS has complete equipment and production lines from chip packaging to fiber coupling, and is a very experienced manufacturer of high-quality semiconductor laser diode and system. In 2019, the company established a subsidiaryin Tianjin, Han’s Tiancheng Optronics Co., Ltd. Han’s TCS produces high-quality semiconductor laser products with power ranging from several watts to several kilowatts and wavelengths covering the ultraviolet to near-infrared wavelengths from 375nm to 1550nm, which are widely used in various fields such as laser direct imaging (LDI), LIDAR, laser medical aesthetics, laser welding, diode pumping solid-state lasers and fiber laser pumping.

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          Address: No. 8, Liangshuihe 2nd Street, Beijing Development Area, Beijing, China.

          Tel: 86-10-67808515

          Email: sales@tc-semi.com

          Tianjin factory address: No. 117, Yongjin Road, Beichen Economic and Technology Development Area(BEDA),Tianjin, China.

          Tel: 86-22-26876901-6006

          Russian distributor: SC LLS

          Websit: www.lenlasers.ru   Email: info@lenlasers.ru